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History Repeats Itself… If you missed Las Vegas, don’t miss West Wendover!
The Las Vegas, Nevada Strip in the 1940s
The West Wendever, Nevada Strip 2007
The Las Vegas, Nevada Strip 2007
Business Loop Interstate 80 – Drives Traffic to West Wendover
Business Loop Interstate 80 travels 2.7 miles through West Wendover, Nevada and Wendover, Utah providing access to services and casinos along the way. The Nevada stretch shares pavement with U.S. 93 Alternate for one half mile. The Utah side shares pavement with Utah 58 officially. Interstate 80 is the second longest interstate highway in the United States, running from San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey.

Business Loop Interstate 80 east & U.S. 93A south
Exit 410 serves West Wendover from Interstate 80 just north of the commercial strip (Wendover Boulevard). Drivers departing Interstate 80 westbound turn southward onto Business Loop Interstate 80 east & U.S. 93A southbound at a diamond interchange. Ranch roads tie into the interchange from the north. Pictured here is the Interstate 80 eastbound return ramp to Salt Lake City.
Business Loop Interstate 80 east & U.S. 93 Alternate southbound descend toward the intersection with Wendover Boulevard and Florence Way. A Nevada tourist information center and the business district lie to the east along Wendover Boulevard.
A shield assembly for the business loop and U.S. 93 Alternate direct motorists toward downtown Wendover. Wendover Boulevard represents the original routing of U.S. 40 before Interstate 80 replaced it. Old U.S. 40 continues west to Exit 407 of Interstate 80.
U.S. 93 Alternate turns southward from Business Loop Interstate 80 just east of the turn onto Wendover Boulevard. The federal highway merges with U.S. 93 59 miles to the south at Lages Station. From there U.S. 93 carries motorists another 59 miles to Ely.
Business Loop Interstate 80 eastbound reassurance marker posted after the split with U.S. 93 Alternate. The Utah state line lies ahead at the pedestrian over crossing.
Looking southward from Wendover Boulevard at the Union Pacific Railroad, Wendover Air Force Auxiliary Field, and the Toana Range.

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