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Nevada Developer bets big on "land gold rush" in West Wendover
WEST WENDOVER, NEVADA ... If history tends to repeat itself, West Wendover, Nevada could possibly be in the right place at the right time. West Wendover's beginnings were not so dissimilar to the humble beginnings of Las Vegas. Before gambling was legalized in 1931, Las Vegas was little more than a cactus-laden train stop. The area served as a staging post on the bitter Overland Trail in the desert between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Today. Las Vegas is a U.S. metropolis that receives 40 million visitors per year and a remarkable 6,000 people relocate to the city each month, making it the fastest growing urban area in the United States.

Enter Ethan Day, an accomplished 41 year old, fifth generation entrepreneur whose great-great grandfather partially financed and' named Charles Lindbergh's historic airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis and whose grandfather ran American Railroad and Foundry with 65,000 employees who manufactured 72% of all the railroad cars manufactured in the USA in the late 1800's.. Mr. Day who in his own rights is a successful real estate developer has identified West Wendover, Nevada as one of undiscovered target markets for the current 'land gold rush" taking place in Nevada.

Mr. Day's Company, SilverSprings Real Estate Development and Investments, LLC has thrown its hat into the land boom/development ring and has announced its latest development, a 250 Condo development called Desert Oasis Condominiums, "A True Hidden Oasis". Mr. Day stated that "these upscale prestigious condominiums are situated on 24.4 acres of breathtaking real estate, nestled in a scenic mini mountain range, overlooking the West Wendover Toana Vista golf course. The spacious two and three bedroom units, host spectacular mountain range and golf course views, include state-of-the-art luxury amenities to include a Health Spa, pool, golf access and have been designed to accommodate the multi-person family."

Like Las Vegas, West Wendover is relatively young as cities go. It is located in Elko County at the northeast corner of Nevada and provides easy access from Salt Lake City, Utah with more than two million inhabitants in the market area. In the 1920s' night travelers driving east across the vast Great Salt Lake desert would see a single light off in the distance as they approached the Utah-Nevada border. The light, a solitary bulb mounted atop a tall pole at Bill Smith's Cobblestone Service Station, welcomed them to the small railroad community of Wendover. Back then. Wendover was a tiny outpost of civilization in the high desert. In the early 1940's, Wendover was the home of the top secret Army Air Corp Base with 22,000 men stationed there. Wendover Field trained most of the heavy bomber groups headed to the European and Pacific 'Theatres of War'.

Fast forward to today. Elko County, is home to West Wendover and boasts a $400 million dollar annual tourist industry. West Wendover having five casinos, consistently captures over 60% of all Elko County gaming revenues. West Wendover receives over three million visitors per year and the gaming market has been growing at a double digit rate over the past several years. Gaming related demand in West Wendover will be generated by indigenous travelers with specific intention of participating in Las Vegas style entertainment, shows and casino gaming. According to the 2004 Gaming Abstract. the state of Nevada as a whole generated revenues for Gaming of $9.9 billion, Rooms $3.8 billion, Food $2.7 billion, beverage $1.1 billion and other $2.1 billion totaling in excess of $19.5 billion!

Mr Day stated that his investment company, SilverSprings Real Estate Development and Investments, LLC, "has commenced pre-construction planning for the SilverHorse Resort and Casino, a four-star, twenty-five story tower with 500 luxury rooms and suites. The SilverHorse Resort and Casino will be built in close proximity to the Desert Oasis Condominiums and the West Wendover golf course. Mr. Day added that, "The SilverHorse Resort and Casino will significantly surpass the amenities and services offered by the other five West Wendover Hotels and Casinos."

Almost as if Mr. Day knows something that we don't, he commented that "the hottest players in Nevada right now are not roulette, poker and blackjack specialists but daily arrivals and real estate agents that are putting their money on the comparative security of property, which increased in value by nearly 50% over the past year. It appears that history could repeat itself in West Wendover, Nevada".


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